What is the best strategy for ensuring economic sustainability of CBNRM in the Philippines? (1 answer)

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One of the lessons identified in the report was that sustainable financing is a key to sustainable CBNRM. An initial subsidy (or funding) of 3 to 5 years was necessary to lay the foundation for economically viable CBNRM but subsequent to this initial period, what is the best strategy? Should communities rely on natural-resource-based enterprises? Should they rely on allocations from LGUs? Are provision of basic infrastructure and seed capital for loan guarantee funds keys to success? Is a combination of all these factors/strategies needed?

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    Aug 3, 2012
    If CBNRM is to be a financially/economically viable activity, then community managers need to set up a management fund into which a portion of revenues are invested back to cover management costs. CBNRM that relies on volonteer labor for resource management are on a very shaky foundation. Also, revenues should not go to government for subsequent redistribution down to the communities -- that almost never works. Revenues should be collected by communities and managed by communities. If there are taxes to be paid, then the community managers should be responsible for paying these taxes. Communities that pay taxes should expect services from government in return.

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