Promoting Mountain Gorilla Conservation Through Education & Community Initiatives in Rwanda

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Amy Clanin and Valerie Akuredusenge discussed the Art of Conservation's (AoC) year-long conservation and health education program for students attending primary schools bordering the park. This innovative and comprehensive program engages children inside and outside the classroom, instilling a greater understanding of and compassion for nature and wildlife. The speakers also shared AoC's lessons on staying healthy and one health approach, which address the possibility of disease transmission between people and mountain gorillas living side-by-side at the national park.

Additionally, the presenters focused on sharing information about AoC's community conservation initiatives and local partners, including their Save The Forests Briquette Initiative to combat charcoal production and deforestation in the mountain gorilla habitat, as well as their Sports for Gorillas Activities, which encourage healthy living habits and unite communities in safeguarding Rwanda's parks and wildlife.

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