Health and Natural Resource Management

drugs, clean water, and trash (credit: IUCN)
Medicines derived from nature. Water access and clean water issues affecting the globe. Sanitation, over crowding, and pollution. HIV/AIDS and conservation impacts. All of these topics have a connection to natural resource management and conservation!

This community focuses on the theme of health and Natural Resource Management (NRM) and conservation. You will find information on HIV/AIDS and conservation, Water Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH), how health and NRM are linked, and other topics. Make sure you check out the webinar!

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  • Private wrote "In order to guide research in this field, WHO carried out a global consultation. This report presents the conclusions and recommendations from this process, with the aim of improving the evidence base for policies to protect health from climate change."
  • Private wrote "This document is designedto provide basic and flexible guidance on conducting a national or subnational assessment of current and future vulnerability (i.e.the susceptibility of a population or region to harm)to the health risks of climate change, and of policies and programs that could increase resilience, taking into account the multiple determinants of climate-sensitive health outcomes."

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