Developing adaptation strategies to deal with climate impacts in Western Tanzania

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Elizabeth Gray, Ph.D., Global Climate Change Fellow with The Nature Conservancy's Africa Region, discussed the results of a USAID- and LifeWeb-funded climate change vulnerability assessment in western Tanzania, how it will affect ecosystems of concern, and how these forces may impact people's livelihoods.

To develop adaptation strategies to deal with climate change impacts on humans and freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, TNC convened a local participatory process involving the Jane Goodall Institute, the Frankfurt Zoological Society, the Tanzania National Parks, and local District officials.  This process was based on the premise that the most effective way to combat climate impacts is to empower local communities to sustainably manage their own resources.  Dr. Gray reviewed the seven climate adaptation strategies identified by the participatory process that are critical to the future survival and well-being of people and nature.

Note: An audio file accompany's the pdf presentation file below. Click on the url link.

Dr. Elizabeth Gray
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