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FRAMEweb began in 2003 as part of a wider USAID research and communications initiative focused on Africa. With its roots in Africa, FRAMEweb has become a global network serving three languages.

Today, FRAMEweb is part of USAID's Environmental Communications, Learning, and Outreach (ECO) Program managed by Training Resources Group (TRG) and its partners: Engility-IRG, and Forum One.

The two primary ECO program objectives are (1) to provide USAID staff and the broader development community with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to design, implement, monitor and evaluate quality programs and (2) develop and enhance communications and information management systems that facilitate knowledge sharing and learning for improved development impact. ECO builds directly on the lessons learned and activities from the Capitalizing Knowledge, Connecting Communities (CK2C) contract (including the ENRM- Learning Initiative (ENRM-LI)) and the Office of Global Climate Change’s Training, Outreach and Communications Task Order (GCC TOC).

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Content (videos, documents, discussions) is open to the public for viewing. Membership is required to contribute questions, comments, answers, documents, web resources, etc. As a member you will also have access to the network and will be able to view member profiles, blogs, and who is participating. Click here to learn more about Becoming a Member. Click here for the FRAMEweb Quick Reference Guide.

Watch the rest of FRAMEweb's How To video series or download their companion guides:

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