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FRAMEweb Archived Community Resources:

  • Madagascar Protected Areas Management - related to the "Madagascar's Biodiversity: Evolution of Forest Cover Change and the Expansion of the Protected Areas" presentation.
  • MCC & NRM Open Forum - in late 2006, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) released its two new NRM indicators, both defined after a year-long public consultation process.
  • Nature, Wealth and Power - this concept refers to the strong linkages between environmental management ("Nature"), economic concerns ("Wealth"), and good Governance (power).
  • Red Nacional de Formación e Investigación Ambiental (REDFIA) - con el fin de permitir a profesionales y organizaciones intercambiar experiencias, la Red Nacional de Formación e Investigación Ambiental (REDFIA) de Guatemala.
  • SADC UNCCD CBNRM Regional Forum - The SADC Secretariat, USAID/FRAME, IUCN ROSA and the Global Mechanism co-hosted a SADC regional forum to discuss and agree upon a platform for UNCCD.

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