USAID Global Waters, Vol III Iss II: The Role of Water in Food Security

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With 70 percent of the freshwater available for human use going to agriculture, one of our primary objectives at USAID is to promote strategies to improve nutrition and stabilitze food supplies and markets in regions that have been hit hardest by drought and other extreme weather conditions due to climate change. Never has it been more important or challenging to maximize outputs while minimizing reliance on the very limited water resources available in much of the developing world.

In this special edition of Global Waters, we explore some of the innovations that are being developed and implemented to achieve our food security goals with water. From the simple engineering principles of drip irrigation to the sophisticated use of satellites in remote water sensing we’re seeing exciting innovations in accessing and utilizing water that are proving successful in ways no one could have imagined before. For instance, one of the programs highlighted in our cover story, Fishing with 3G Nets, involves the training of fishermen in remote areas of Brazil to use cellular technologies to track weather conditions, fish stocks, and market prices of the day’s catch. This is the kind of game changing technology that USAID seeks to replicate in other parts of the world.

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