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The Miombo Network started as an effort of several African scientists who intended to bring together scientists in the region and abroad, with a common interest in the Miombo woodlands and the Miombo region more broadly.

The Miombo Network worked to actively engage many stakeholders in the region, with one of the goals to collect a large set of remotely sensed data to be shared with scientists and governments in the miombo region.

This data has been used for various studies such as:

  • Patterns, causes and rates of change in land cover in relation to land use;
  • Consequences of land-use and land-cover changes on regional climate, natural resources, hydrology, carbon storage and trace gas emissions.

Network participants serve as focal points for distribution of the data and skills in their regions, to:

  • Enhance networking of RS data users in the region;Miombo Woodlands distribution in Southern Africa
  • Create of a mailing list of RS data users in the Miombo region countries and exchange of information and experiences between users in the application of Landsat data;
  • Expand distribution, analysis and application of Landsat data archive;
  • Create of data bundles, by country, and wide distribution of such bundles using DVD and web technologies; and
  • Increase application of RS data in mapping and other applications in support of land management, global environmental change analysis and sustainable.

These activities are important to make the network alive, but the main objective of the network is to bring people together. This space will serve an important function in reviving the network to encourage a full commitment and engagement of Network members.

We look forward to your active participation and engagement to achieve these goals.

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