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CK2C and FRAMEWeb.org have developed this online manual to support communities and collaboration. CK2C is a US Agency for International Development project to strengthen knowledge sharing and learning in natural resources management. We have compiled the resources on this site from the US Agency for International Development , building from the "Communties@USAID Technical Guide" and other sources, as a one-stop manual for starting, maintaining and closing down online communities. It is a work in progress and we are looking for feedback.

This site has grown out of an awareness that communities need care and feeding just like any other natural resource. The main sections of the manual are listed to the left, discussion and history pages are available across the top of each page as you move through the site. The sections in the main navigation area are organized around a lifecycle approach to communities and the tools and templates are available to supplement your work on CoPs.

Click here or copy the link into your URL to access the guide: http://ck2c.wikispaces.com/

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