Prelimary Assessment to Community-Based Forest Management in the Philippines

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The study is part of a larger research project that aims to identify and characterize the reported strengths and constraints of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) approaches in three natural resource areas: irrigation, forestry, and coastal resources.

This particular literature review and preliminary assessment study look into CBFM from the perspective of forest governance, community, and sustainability. Field experiences obtained from both primary and secondary sources provide the data with which to answer the following more specific questions:
1. To what extent are CBFM goals being met or not being met?
2. What key operational and policy concerns facilitate or constrain community participation in forest governance for sustainable forest management?
3. What possible courses of action can be recommended to effectively address these concerns?

Ernesto S. Guiang, Salve B. Borlagdan, and Juan M. Pulhin
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