Community-Based Resources Management Project Implementation Report - World Bank/Philippines

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The Implementation Completion and Results Report for the Philippines Community-Based Resources Management Project that the World Bank financed from October 1998 to June 2007.


 The main project development objective was to reduce rural poverty and environmental degradation through support for locally generated and implemented natural resource management sub-projects.  The project aimed at:

(a) enhancing the capacity of low-income rural local government units (LGUs) and communities to plan, implement and sustain priority natural resource management projects;  

(b) strengthening central government systems to transfer finance (as financial intermediaries) and environmental technology, and improve the implementation of environmental policies; and

(c) providing resources to local government units to finance natural resource management projects. 


The report covers the key factors affecting implementation and outcomes; restructuring during the project; assessments of outcomes, risk, and overall performance of the project; and lessons learned.

World Bank/Rural Development, Natural Resources and Environment Sector Unit
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