Integration of NRM, Climate Change and Food Security


This community was initially formed to complement a series of webinars and in-person meetings hosted by USAID and the Agriculture Sector Council. The Feed the Future Guide recognizes that "[e]nvironmental degradation and climate change are critical cross-cutting issues that can affect the sustainability of investments in agricultural development and food security, impede long-term economic growth, and adversely affect livelihoods and well being." This event series, "Integrating Climate Change and Natural Resource Management into Feed the Future," seeks to articulate some of the challenges and opportunities that integration of these issues poses, and present successful program approaches and tools for working across the disciplines of climate change, natural resource management, and food security. The series shares relevant tools, lessons learned, and recommend best practices in the areas of soil, water, nutrition, and climate change resilience and will seek to raise the profile of these cross-cutting issues and their critical linkages to food security.

While we encourage the participation in the series webinars, discussions about the content of the theme of integration of climate and NRM into the Feed the Future initiative and food security in general is encouraged. You do not need to have been present to join in the discussion!

For more about the series and the past presentations check out http://kdid.org/category/agrilinks-series-namenumber/ag-sector-council-semi...

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