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CPALI is a a Conservation through Poverty Alleviation program. Its goal is to develop wild silk production as a conservation enterprise that can be adapted to any developing country where individual income is less than $2, where governments are unstable and where the conservation approaches that are currently being applied by international conservation organizations are not working. Here, a team in Maroantsetra, Madagascar, shows off a raw textile sample in November, 2010 before it is made into a skirt designed by Tara St. James of StudyNewYork for the New York runway in February 2011 (Submitted by Catherine Craig, President, Conservation through Poverty Alleviation, International)

In this space, we discuss and share content around various kinds of economic and enterprise development with natural resources.

*Catherine Craig won Summer 2012's photo contest. For more favorites, check out: http://www.frameweb.org/CommunityBrowser.aspx?id=9238

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  • Privado escribió "Pilot SMS-based service is sending individually tailored irrigation advice directly to cell phones to help Moroccan farmers save precious resources. For the first time in Morocco, messages like this, translated from French, are helping to shape good agriculture practices, popping up on the cell phones of a group of farmers each morning in a USAID pilot program. The new service—daily irrigation advice delivered to a mobile inbox—is already changing lives for the 500 early adopters in the eastern region of the North African country."

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