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The Sustainable Conservation Approaches in Priority Ecosystems (SCAPES) program is a partnership between USAID and four non- governmental organizations that aims to conserve globally important biodiversity and provide leadership in developing, documenting and sharing state-of-the-art conservation practices. Nine transboundary landscape and policy initiatives implemented by African Wildlife Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund and a consortium led by Pact, Inc. teamed with Fauna & Flora International, BirdLife International and ACDI-VOCA, apply innovative and tested methodologies to achieve conservation and development goals. 

SCAPES applies a holistic and adaptive approach to addressing conservation challenges. Over the life of the program (2010-2014), all partner activities will: (1) take a threats-based approach to address conservation issues; (2) aim to achieve financial, social, and ecological sustainability; (3) apply adaptive management and be responsive to changing situations, information, and enabling conditions; and (4) scale-up knowledge and impact to increase conservation success at sites, across the partnership, and among the global conservation community.

SCAPES is USAID’s largest global conservation initiative, managed centrally from Washington, DC to complement and inform the Agency’s portfolio of national and regional biodiversity programs.  The program is supported by a robust learning initiative that helps USAID and its partners to analyze, communicate and leverage results.

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