May 12: Conservation Certification and Product Branding - The Case of Wildlife Friendly Certification (PowerPoint Presentation)

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PowerPoint Presenation of May 12 Seminar Series

Conservation Certification and Product Branding- The Case of Wildlife-Friendly Certification.

Certified Wildlife Friendly® is the first eco-label to provide certification of consumer products that directly contribute to conservation of multiple species of threatened wildlife and their habitats while contributing to the economic vitality of rural communities.  About 20 people heard Ann Koontz of Relief International-Enterprise Works/VITA, and Steven DuPuis of the DuPuis Group present progress in the past three years on developing the Certified Wildlife Friendly® label and certified enterprises from Asia (Ibis Rice, Himalayan Bio Trade), Africa (Elephant Pepper, Aroma Forest Essential Oils), and Latin America (All Things Alpaca).  Contributions of three collaborating panelists who were unable to attend were also covered (Dr. Helen Crowley of Wildlife Conservation Society, Dr. Adrian Treves and Stephanie Michelle Jones from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Land Tenure Center. 

Additional resources can be found on the USAID NRM Portal: http://www.rmportal.net/library/eco-labeling-and-market-based-financing-of-wildlife-conservation/view

Ann Koontz, Steven DuPuis, Dr. Helen Crowley, Dr. Adrian Treves and Stephanie Michelle Jones
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