Identifying Conservation Opportunities among Malinké Bushmeat Hunters of Guinea, West Africa

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Overhunting now poses a serious threat to wildlife resources. Sixty-eight percent of bushmeat species are hunted unsustainably—some up to 14 times their sustainable level. Bushmeat hunting directly threatens 84 mammal species in the west-central Africa region. Without effective mechanisms to reduce hunting pressure, wildlife populations will continue to decline resulting in species and biodiversity loss, diminished ecosystem health, and loss of a valuable, renewable resource that provides food and money to rural households. The research presented here (1) investigates motivations, preferences, and practice through interviews with Malinké hunters in Guinea, West Africa, and (2) explores and describes the bushmeat market in Faranah, Guinea.
Sharon Pailler & John E. Wagner & John G. McPeak & Donald W. Floyd
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