USAID Biodiversity Guide

The goal of this Guide is to provide USAID staff and partners with basic information about designing, managing, and implementing biodiversity conservation programs or activities. What do you need to know, as a USAID manager, to design, implement, manage, and evaluate a biodiversity conservation program or activity? What are the critical elements of success for biodiversity programs and activities? How can activities be designed that will simultaneously meet USAID administrative and legal requirements while ensuring that development goals are addressed using best conservation practice and approaches?

Biodiversity conservation is an evolving, dynamic field, and this Guide serves as a starting point to shape and guide programs or activities that should ultimately be implemented based on local environmental and socioeconomic conditions and capacity of implementing partners, and should be managed adaptively in the field.

This Guide is also intended to be a starting point and to provide useful information about USAID's approach to biodiversity for our partners and colleagues.

Click here to access the 2005 Biodiversity Guide. 

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