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Updated 9/23/2013

This outline will help you get started using FRAMEweb to make the most of your visit to the site.

Who are the members of FRAMEweb?  FRAMEweb is a global community of natural resource scientists, policy makers and practitioners with variety of backgrounds, languages and geographical areas of expertise. For almost a decade FRAMEweb has connected people to research, tools, best practices and skills creating ideas and knowledge.

And now, why should you become a member? FRAMEweb's content is open to the public, but only members can contribute and connect to the peer-to-peer network. If you are not a member, you cannot share or add documents, ask questions to the community, respond to questions, or post any comments.
So why not - it's free, it's accessible through the web or your e-mail, and you have access to a whole network of natural resource professionals at your fingertips. Here are the few easy steps to become a member of FRAME. We'll walk you through it...

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