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The Global Fish Alliance (G-FISH) is a partnership sponsored by USAID to support knowledge management and enhance communication amongst G-FISH Alliance members.  Through open dialogue and shared experiences, the Alliance aims to strengthen shared knowledge among collaborating partners, and with the interested public, on sustainable fisheries and responsible aquaculture practices.

Fisheries around the world are threatened by overfishing, destructive fishing and poor or inadequate management.  With appropriate governance and management approaches, the productivity of fisheries can be restored and increased.   In developing countries, fisheries play an extremely important role in food security and livelihoods, especially for the poor and landless.  Global food security will not be possible without reversing the decline of fish populations through enhanced management.  Estimates show almost 1 billion people, primarily living in the developing world, depend on fish as their primary source of animal protein.  Fisheries products are the world’s most widely traded foods and fishing is the largest extractive use of wildlife.

To reverse the decline in fisheries, many public, private, and not-for-profit organizations are increasingly involved in promoting sustainable fisheries management practices that focus on all players in the fisheries industry, including the private sector.  In addition, many groups are promoting responsible aquacultural practices to conserve and protect environmental and human health.  This virtual community created through FRAMEweb is a neutral space for fisheries management practitioners to build their skills, share best practices and lessons learned, support common learning agendas. 

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