Kenya Bushmeat Symposium '09

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Kenya Bushmeat symposium 2009

Convener: Bushmeat-free Eastern Africa Network - Kenya chapter and East African Wildlife society

  Organizing Committee is co-chaired by Iregi Mwenja and Evanson Kariuki (USFWS MENTOR Fellows)

Theme: Sharing information and lessons learnt in the fight against the illegal bushmeat trade

Date and venue:  East African Wildlife society, Nairobi on 20th May, 2009 starting 09:00 am and end at 16:30 pm.

The objectives of this symposium are;

1.    Sharing information and lessons learnt in the fight against illicit bushmeat trade amongst bushmeat stakeholders in Kenya.
2.    Providing a forum for interaction among bushmeat stakeholders to encourage dialogue and information sharing
3.    Coming up with draft recommendations and solutions for the problem in Kenya

For more details and registration, please visit the BEAN website

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