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This outline will help you get started using FRAMEweb to make the most of your visit to the site.

FRAMEweb is a global community of natural resource scientists, policy makers and practitioners with variety of backgrounds, languages and geographical areas of expertise. For almost a decade FRAMEweb has connected people to research, tools, best practices and skills creating ideas and knowledge.

Now that you are a member of FRAMEweb, (not a member? Check out the Becoming a Member handout) how do you maximize your interaction on the site? One of the best ways is by subscribing to communities or topics that interest you. By subscribing to a community, you will receive notification through your email when someone has posted to that community (added a resource, or commented in the discussion forum). You can also participate in the discussion straight from your email, and the response will automatically appear on the site.

We’ll walk you through it…

  1. Go to the homepage: http://www.frameweb.org, and log in to the site.
  2. Subscribe by navigating to a community and clicking the Subscribe icon (green check mark) located on the top right hand tool bar.
  3. A Box will pop up that will allow you to choose how you would like to be notified.
  4. You can also subscribe to a specific question or topic. In the Discussion tab, Click on a question or discussion topic you are interested in participating.
  5. Again, click on the Subscribe icon (green check mark) located on the top right hand tool bar.
  6. Then select E-mail notification (see #3 above)
  7. When you ask a question a check marked box will appear at the end of the form (Subscribe me), this will automatically subscribe you to your questions unless you uncheck the box.
  8. This will send questions, comments and answers to your mail box listed in your profile. When you receive a notification, simply reply to the e-mail with the same subject line. The subject line contains a code, if this is erased the system will not know where to send your contribution.

Congratulations! You are now able to participate through email and subscribe to communities or discussion questions that interest you.

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