Land Tenure for Drylands Development

Welcome!! This community is a collaborative effort supported by: United Nations Development Programme – Drylands Development Centre (UNDP-DDC, Nairobi), International Land Coalition Secretariat (ILC) and the Collective Action and Property Rights Initiative (CAPRi), a system-wide initiative of the Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research Centres (CGIAR), based at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI/ Washington, DC), and FRAME.


The e-conference aimed to expand the dialogue initiated at the Nairobi workshop to include stakeholders and interested parties beyond the expert consultation as an avenue for drawing upon diverse experiences and knowledge. The e-conference further explored issues/ideas emerging out of four working group themes of the Nairobi workshop:

  • Kunga Ngece (FRAME)- Drylands Tenure Policy :What are the contents and essential elements of Drylands Tenure Policies?
  • Eric Patrick (UNDP) - Strategies for Implementing Drylands Policy. What can we learn from Drylands experiences?
  • Ruth Meinzen-Dick (CAPRi) - Land policy dialogue and participation: How to foster the participation of multiple interests.
  • Jing Delarosa and Andrew Fuys (ILC) - Scaling-up, Replication and Innovations: Upscaling principles of success.

Each theme was discussed for one week with a summary posted to participants at the end of each week. CAPRi, FRAME, UNDP and ILC moderated the discussions (see Discussion).

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