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Empowering Natural Resource Management practitioners with information and peer-to-peer relationships enabling them to grow best practices around development challenges.

What’s new about FRAME? Let’s take a look and compare.

  • Up to the minute news on world events related to Natural Resource Management and development from trusted sources. FRAMEweb 2.0 spans across global news resources and organizations to provide the latest information based on Community and Partner subject matter.
  • Multiple ways to participate, contribute and stay abreast of topics your interested in.  FRAMEweb 2.0 makes it easier to participate with easy to navigate icons, question and comment fields at all levels of the website, and now you can ask, reply and contribute resources all through your e-mail. Simply subscribe to a Community or individual discussions or resources.
  • Connect with colleagues in my field, create a network of peers working on similar development challenges, communicate and share information with them. FRAMEweb 2.0 brings you the power of community. Members of FRAME all share a common interest and experience in the NRM sector – find those who work in your region, speak your language or share your area of expertise.
  • Communicate with your peers about challenges and successes, store personal files, create your collection of resources and knowledge important to you. FRAMEweb 2.0 offers a more robust personal space where you can blog, share files, connect with FRAME members in your network and manage you content and preferences.


* Same address
* Same members
* Same principles
* New Look
* New Tools
* Refocused

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Bryan Schuetz, Sarah Schmidt - DAI

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