Sustainable and Thriving Environments for West African Regional Development

The Upper Guinea ecosystem of West Africa is a high priority globally for biodiversity conservation and is of strategic importance in terms of peace building, extractive industries and other important commodities such as rubber, cocoa and oil palm. USAID has already made significant investments in biodiversity and community-based natural resource management in Liberia, Guinea, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

The STEWARD program, a joint investment of EGAT, AFR, USAID/West Africa and US Forest Service, is an opportunity to produce a more coherent regional program that will address regional threats to biodiversity as well as capitalize on regional opportunities to spread best practices, harmonize policies and improve regional markets.

STEWARD Objectives:

Objective 1
Build capacity for increased regional collaboration in biodiversity conservation, fisheries, forestry, sustainable agriculture and trade within national and regional institutions

Objective 2
Foster regional policy innovations and harmonization of national policies for improved ecosystem conservation and Natural Resource Management

Objective 3
Pilot transboundary conservation and natural resource management activities at selected sites

This space connects a network of professionals working in West African biodiversity conservation. This community provides an opportunity to spread best practices through dialogue and information, and capitalize on regional opportunities through knowledge.


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