I know of a good website that might be an interesting source of information for others. How do I suggest it? (1 answer)

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    Dec 1, 2008
    You can add the website as an On-line Resource either in a specific
    community or at the top Community of Practice page if it is a general
    resource for information.

    Go the area or page where you think it is most relevant or useful, for
    example if it is related to HIV/AIDS and conservation, go to that
    community topic.
    Once you have located where you want to contribute the resource, find the
    Add icon located at the top right tool bar (if you do not see this icon,
    make sure you are logged-in, only members of FRAME can contribute).
    Select On-line Resource.
    A pop-up window will appear. Complete the information form related to this
    Click submit (or suggest depending on your permission)
    You are done!

    If the website produces an RSS feed that you think would provide valuable
    up-to-the minute information for a community topic or the FRAME community
    at large, please send an e-mail to frame@dai.com.

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