African Inland Fisheries

  1. To explore the current challenges to freshwater fisheries management in Africa. African fisheries management is challenged by a range of issues. Some are specific to fisheries while others arise from competition with/ or dependence on other natural resource uses (eg. forestry, hydro-power, irrigation). Yet others relate to overarching themes such as: climate change, governance, donor/NGO roles, markets, gender, management paradigms, etc. 
  2. To share ideas and innovations from different African contexts and beyond that may help to address these challenges. Fisheries management institutions have taken on many different forms reflecting unique ecological, institutional, cultural contexts and histories. Exchanging experiences among professionals in different countries/contexts may help individuals improve approaches to addressing the challenges discussed above through innovative research and management approaches. Experiences from wildlife management and forestry sectors may also provide valuable lessons.
  3. To promote collaborative networking among African(ist) fisheries professionals. The internet has greatly improved fisheries scientists access to scientific literature and funding collaborations for research. However, most research collaborations are initiated and driven by Northern research agendas and institutions. This networking forum will help broaden existing networks among African(ist) fisheries professionals.

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