Mr. Peter Amum - MENTOR Fellow from Southern Sudan

Mr. Peter Amum    

Peter Amum was one of eight USFWS MENTOR Fellows in 2008-2009 from Kenya, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda working to address the illegal bushmeat exploitation in the Eastern Africa region. 

As a MENTOR Fellow from Southern Sudan, Peter Amum completed his bushmeat field assessment on Boma National Park in Southern Sudan. He implemented a bushmeat awareness campaign in Southern Sudan at both the national and site level in Boma. The campaign used the White Eared Kob, a major target species of the bushmeat trade, to help raise awareness and promote action.

Peter Amum has worked as a wildlife adviser in the Wildlife Conservation General Administration in Khartoum for six years.


Bushmeat Field Assessment: 

Bushmeat Trade Assessment on villages in and around Boma National Park in Southern Sudan

Goals of the field assessment:

  • To evaluate and determine the trends and ecological impact of illegal bushmeat trade on wildlife populations in Boma National Park.

To learn more about the objectives, findings, and recommendations of Peter Amum's field assessment, please view the following documents:

            Bushmeat Field Assessment Fact Sheet on Boma National Park in Southern Sudan

            Bushmeat Field Assessment Presentation on Boma National Park in Southern Sudan


Pilot Project:

More information to come on Peter Amum's national and site-level bushmeat awareness campaign around Boma National Park in Southern Sudan. 


Visit the Bushmeat-free East African Network (BEAN) website to learn more about the new network developed and managed by the USFWS MENTOR Fellows.


For more information on Peter Amum's work, please contact:

Mr. Peter Amum Hussien Amolakey

Wildlife Conservation General Administration H.Q.

P.O Box 336

Khartoum, SUDAN

Telephone: 249912434093; Fax :- +249153999354

Email: p_amum@yahoo.com


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