Mr. Okello Genesis - MENTOR Fellow from Uganda


Mr. Okello Genesis  

Okello Genesis was one of eight USFWS MENTOR Fellows in 2008-2009 from Kenya, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda working to address the illegal bushmeat exploitation in the Eastern Africa region. 

As a MENTOR Fellow from Uganda, Genesis completed his bushmeat field assessment on Uganda's urban centers in Masindi, Gulu, Kampala, and Kasese. He implemented income generation alternative projects with ex-poachers groups in the Murchison Falls Conservation Area in Uganda in coordination with Uganda Wildlife Authority .

Okello Genesis has worked for Uganda Wildlife Authority as an Assistant Warden-Law Enforcemen based in Rwenzori Mountains National Park, a World Heritage Site. He has ten years of experience in wildlife management and over 7 years of formal training in wildlife management. He holds a Certificate in Wildlife Management (Uganda Wildlife Training Institute), a Diploma in Wildlife Management (College of African Wildlife Management-Mweka, Tanzania) and a B.Sc.(Hons) in Wildlife Health and Management (Makerere University Kampala-Uganda).  Genesis has worked in many protected areas in Uganda, including Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo, Murchision Falls, Rwenzori Mountains and Bugungu Wildlife Reserve.  He has worked in different capacities as an assistant warden law enforcement and junior warden for tourism and education. Genesis did an assessment of illegal bushmeat trade in Kampala for his B.Sc. Dissertation.


Bushmeat Field Assessment: 

Assessment of Bushmeat Trade and Consumption in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Kampala, Masindi, Gulu, and Kasese.

Goals of the field assessment:

  • To evaluate the magnitude of bushmeat in Uganda
  • To evaluate the social dynamics, economics, and ecological attributes of bushmeat in urban areas.

To learn more about the objectives, findings, and recommendations of Genesis' field assessment, please view the following documents:

            Bushmeat Field Assessment Fact Sheet on urban areas in Uganda

            Bushmeat Field Assessment Presentation on urban areas in Uganda


Pilot Project:

More information to come on Genesis' work on income generation alternative projects with ex-poachers groups in the Murchison Falls Conservation Area in Uganda in coordination with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Click here to see how he is working with Cultural Chiefs in Jonam County to tackle bushmeat issues.


Visit the Bushmeat-free East African Network (BEAN) website to learn more about the new network developed and managed by the USFWS MENTOR Fellows. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

For more information on Genesis' work, please contact:

Mr. Okello Genesis

Uganda Wildlife Authority           

Rwenzori Mountains National Park 188 Kasese     

PO Box 3530

Kampala, UGANDA 

Telephone: +256 772 657805 / +255783025200



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