Mr. Evanson J Kariuki- MENTOR Fellow from Kenya

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Mr. Evanson J Kariuki  

Evanson Kariuki was one of eight USFWS MENTOR Fellows in 2008-2009 from Kenya, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda working to address the illegal bushmeat exploitation in the Eastern Africa region. 

As a MENTOR Fellow from Kenya, Kariuki completed his bushmeat field assessment on the Masai Mara Ecosystem in Kenya and promoted partnerships for bushmeat awareness in the Masai Mara Ecosystem.  He is also worked as a team on cross border issues with MENTOR Fellows Martin Andimile and Lowaeli Damalu, who were working on the illegal bushmeat trade in Tanzania.

Kariuki has over ten years working experience in wildlife conservation. He studied government and public administration at Moi University Eldoret in Kenya. His early work focused on lobbying for wildlife welfare through Youth for Conservation, a local NGO in Kenya.  Kariuki has gained valuable experience by working with other organizations such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as a volunteer, and as a program manager  for the Anne Kent Taylor Fund and Care for the Wild-Kenya, community-based conservation project in the Masai Mara.  He has also worked on community conservation education with Amara conservation and Wildlife Foundation where he showed environmental films to communities in the western Mara region. Evanson Kariuki participated in the Mara animal count of 2002 that was organized by International Livestock Research institute.


Bushmeat Field Assessment:

An assessment of the nature, extent and trends in illegal bushmeat utilization: A case study of Masai Mara Ecosystem

Goals of the field assessment:

  • To evaluate the extent of illegal bushmeat off-take in Kenya.
  • To examine the nature, extent and trends in illegal bushmeat utilization from the Mara ecosystem and to suggest solutions.

To learn more about the objectives, findings, and recommendations of Kariuki's field assessment, please view the following documents:

            Bushmeat Field Assessment Fact Sheet on Masai Mara Ecosystem

            Bushmeat Field Assessment Presentation on Masai Mara Ecosystem


Pilot Projects:

More information to come on Kariuki's work on promoting partnerships for bushmeat awareness in Masai Mara.

Kenya Bushmeat Symposium:                                                                                        

In May 2009, USFWS MENTOR Fellows collaborated with the East African Wildlife Society to hold Kenya's first national bushmeat symposium. The main goal of the symposium was to strengthen collaboration in this sector by providing a forum for information sharing and dialogue. 

           Read the Report on the Proceedings of Kenya's First Bushmeat Symposium, prepared by Evanson Kariuki and Iregi Mwenja.


For more information on Evanson Kariuki's work, please contact:

Mr. James Kariuki Evanson

PO BOX 8914 00 100

Nairobi, KENYA

Telephone: +254 722 98 43 01

Email: jmkevanson@yahoo.com


Visit the Bushmeat-free East African Network (BEAN) website to learn more about the new network developed and managed by the USFWS MENTOR Fellows.


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