The eight MENTOR Fellows

Through the USFWS MENTOR Fellowship Program, a team of eight Fellows under the guidance of four experienced conservation Mentors worked to address illegal bushmeat exploitation in eastern Africa.


Mr. Evanson J Kariuki

Mr. Iregi Mwenja

Southern Sudan:

Mr. Peter Amum

Mr. Isaac Seme


Mr. Martin Andimile

Ms. Lowaeli S. Damalu

Mr. Opyene Vincent

MENTOR Team's Project Implementation and Accomplishments:

 MENTOR Team's Project Implementation and Accomplishments Fact Sheet  

Field Research & Actions:  By July 2009, the MENTOR Fellows successfully assessed eight key protected area regions and urban centers to evaluate the current state of the bushmeat trade.  They implemented efforts (September 2008 - May 2009) in several key protected areas including law enforcement training and actions, protein and income alternatives, awareness, and building consensus on the bushmeat issue among professionals in the eastern African region.

    Fact Sheets and information on the bushmeat assessments are available on the main USFWS MENTOR Fellowship Program webpage and their individual sites (click on the Fellows above to learn more about their bushmeat field research and actions).

Partnership Building:  By July 2009, MENTOR Fellows, Mentors and Partners had successfully established the foundation for the Bushmeat-free Eastern Africa Network (BEAN) to support continued bushmeat interventions in key protected areas including awareness, education, law enforcement and protein and income alternatives.  In addition, partnerships were initiated in the four selected protected areas (Serengeti, Masai Mara, Murchison Falls Conservation Area and Boma National Park) to bring together local stakeholders linked with enforcement, awareness, and alternatives.

Bushmeat-Free East African Network (BEAN) website: an interdisciplinary network consisting of stakeholders who work to implement grassroots solutions to bushmeat exploitation problems affecting eastern Africa.      

BEAN brochure

Awareness: By July 2009, the MENTOR Fellows had generated at least 10 print and 10 radio reports in the media focused on the bushmeat issue.  Over 125 meetings had been held in the four countries with key stakeholders including conservation organizations, education groups, development agencies, and local communities.  In addition a national bushmeat symposium was held in Kenya bringing together 45 individuals from 18 institutions with an interest in/focus on the bushmeat issue.  All MENTOR Fellows participated in the Society for Conservation Biology - Africa conference in January 2009 providing a team-developed presentation to all conference participants.

MENTOR Fellows' symposia:

Kenya National Syposium Report, May 2009

Bushmeat Symposium Abstracts for the Society for Conservation Biology in Ghana, January 2009

Information Management: By July 2009 MENTOR/BEAN team had created a complete communications package for key decision makers/media, website for professionals and the public (with estimated 600 visitors per month), media and the general public and a communications strategy for continuing awareness efforts through July 2010.

For more information on the MENTOR Fellowship Program on bushmeat exploitation in eastern Africa, contact:

College of African Wildlife Management-Mweka
PO Box 3031
email: nancy.gelman@wwfus.org
Photo: MENTOR Fellows and their Mentors at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, Tanzania. Top row: Evanson Kariuki (Fellow-Kenya), Dr. Mwangi of Univ. of Nairobi (Mentor-Kenya), Iregi Mwenja (Fellow-Kenya), Martin Andimile (Fellow-Tanzania), Thadeus Binamungu of AWF-TZ (Mentor-Tanzania), Lowaeli Damalu (Fellow-Tanzania). Bottom Row: Isaac Seme (Fellow-Southern Sudan), Peter Amum (Fellow-Southern Sudan), Dr. Jamus Joseph of WCS-Southern Sudan (Mentor-Southern Sudan), Okello Genesis (Fellow-Uganda), Dr. William Olupot of WCS-Uganda (Mentor-Uganda), and Vincent Opyene (Fellow-Uganda). Photo credit: Heather Eves


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    by Private on Apr 19, 2012
    Congratulations and all the best as you work to address illegal bushmeat exploitation in eastern Africa.
  • Portrait of user
    by Private on Apr 19, 2012
    Congratulations and all the best as you work to address illegal bushmeat exploitation in eastern Africa.

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