Bushmeat Crisis: An Overview of Challenges and Progress by BCTF and Others

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Natalie Bailey (Asst. Director, Bushmeat Crisis Task Force) opened the seminar with an overview of the issues surrounding bushmeat in West Africa and around the world, as well as efforts taken by the conservation community in general and BCTF in particular to address these challenges.  Scientific knowledge and public awareness about the issues have increased dramatically in the last 10 years, and many groups are applying solutions on the ground.  Recent research emphasizes the need for protein substitutes to reduce bushmeat trade, especially in communities for few or zero other options, like refugee camps.  Current BCTF activities include work to understand demand for bushmeat from African emigres to the U.S., training of U.S. inspection officers, professional education on bushmeat at the College of Wildlife Management in Mweka, Tanzania, and continued maintenance and development of bushmeat literature and geographic databases including the Bushmeat Information Management and Analysis Project (IMAP) and Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP.

Natalie Bailey

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