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USDA Forest Service International Programs promotes sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation internationally. International Programs has three main staff units: Technical Cooperation, Policy, and Disaster Assistance. Both Technical Cooperation and Disaster Assistance work closely with United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Technical Cooperation, specifically, develops and manages natural resource projects overseas on a wide range of topics (i.e. fire management and forest health). There are two main disaster programs: Disaster Assistance Support Program (DASP) and the Disaster Mitigation Program. Funded by USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, DASP trains and mobilizes personnel domestically to respond and mitigate foreign disasters, such as the drought in Ethiopia and the locust response in West Africa. The Disaster Mitigation Program, on the other hand, trains and provides technical expertice to partners overseas in emergency preparedness, response and disaster mitigation. Finally, International Programs's policy unit is actively involved in sustainability roundtables and international fora, which ensures that US position on global forest policies and agreements reflect the best interests of the country.

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  • Privé écrit "The STEWARD program, a joint investment of EGAT, AFR, USAID/West Africa and US Forest Service, is an opportunity to produce a more coherent regional program that will address regional threats to biodiversity as well as capitalize on regional opportunities to spread best practices, harmonize policies and improve regional markets."

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