Land Compensation Policy: A Case for Uganda

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Paper written for ABCG by Kenneth Kakuru of Greenwatch-Uganda assessing the land tenure system and laws in Uganda that relate to land compensation. Currently Uganda lacks a land compensation policy. Policies that relate to land compensation are scattered in various instruments and papers and in Government insitutions departments which exercise varying responsibilities over land use and management, with many conflicting and overlapping. The paper helps to streamline these issues and promotes the need for Uganda to formulate a land compensation policy that is open to the public, transparent, and that fairly and adequately compensates local people for their land, especially those living in or adjacent to protected areas including national parks, wildlife reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.

Value to the Community Paper by Kenneth Kakuru of Greenwatch assessing the land tenure system and laws in Uganda and proposing that a land compensation policy is needed.
Kenneth Kakuru

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