Priority Setting and Site Based Conservation Planning


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To exchange information and ideas from recent priority setting and site-based conservation planning initiatives by organizations that belong to the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG), a May 2000 meeting was hosted.  The meeting, held at Conservation International (CI)and chaired by African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), found that all ABCG organizations are working beyond the traditional protected area level to focus on a broader landscape level.  Yet organizations operate at two different levels: the site level and the regional level.  For example, both the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)and AWF work at the site level.  However, while WCS’ Living Landscape approach uses “landscape species” to determine the landscapes where they work, AWF’s African Heartland Program focuses on seven large African landscapes that represent many different ecological zones of Africa and use site conservation planning to determine their activities.  At the regional level, CI works on priority setting in hotspots such as the Upper Guinean Forests.  Hotspots are considered the richest and most threatened areas for biodiversity.  World Wildlife Fund’s ecoregion programs performs priority setting analysis in areas such as the Congolian Basin that are selected for representativeness of the broadest variety of the world's habitats.

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