Conservation and Corruption


Conservation Related Corruption 

On 13 January 2005, a meeting on  "Strategies and Tools for Confronting Conservation-Related Corruption in Africa" was held by the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • discuss different categories and forms of conservation and natural resource-related corruption;
  • describe the impacts of corruption on conservation efforts and natural resource management;
  • learn about strategies, tools, and examples of efforts to reduce conservation-related corruption; and   
  • identify areas for possible field level collaboration to tackle conservation-related corruption with partners in Africa.

Talks included:

Forest Integrity Network (FIN): Strategies and Tools to Reduce Corruption by Ken Rosenbaum, Sylvan Environmental Consultants

The President's Initiative Against Illegal Logging by Jan McAlpine, U.S. Department of State

Fighting Petty Corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Case Study by Michael Brown, Innovative Resources Management, Inc.

A roundtable discussion was held to discuss examples of successful anti-corruption approaches, resources, and activities. Please see the following meeting notes, reference materials, and weblinks.

ABCG Conservation and Corruption Meeting Notes

Photo credit: © WWF-Canon / Frederick J. WEYERHAEUSER

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