Web Cast: HIV/AIDS, Agriculture, and Conservation: Impacts and Solutions

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A Webcast of a discussion forum of the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Wilson Center in Washington DC in January 2007. Presentations by Richard Skolnik, Lori M. Hunter, and Judy Oglethorpe.

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The impacts of HIV/AIDS go far beyond human health. This discussion will illustrate how the disease has negatively affected agriculture and conservation efforts at the local level and how development programs can best address these issues. Richard Skolnik of the Population Reference Bureau will present current and future trends of the wide-ranging impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic; Lori Hunter of the University of Colorado, Boulder will present her research on how HIV/AIDS affects agriculture, nutrition, and land use; and Judy Oglethorpe of the World Wildlife Fund will discuss how the disease influences conservation efforts and security issues. The speakers will address practical solutions to some of the problems outlined in their presentations.

Richard Skolnik
Director of International Programs, Population Reference Bureau

Lori Hunter
Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder; and Bixby Visiting Scholar, Population Reference Bureau

Judy Oglethorpe
Director of Community Conservation, World Wildlife Fund

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