Bushmeat in Eastern Africa



On 14 August 2007, the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG), the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, Tanzania, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service held a meeting in Washington, DC, on “Reducing Bushmeat Exploitation in Eastern Africa: Sharing Experiences and New Initiatives”.  Please see the following agenda.

The objectives of the meeting were to:
  • share information, contacts, and resources about efforts to reduce bushmeat exploitation in Eastern Africa;
  • seek input into plans for the WWB-Africa MENTOR (Mentoring for ENvironmental Training in Outreach and Resources conservation) Fellowship Program to Reduce Illegal Bushmeat Exploitation in Eastern Africa; and
  • get feedback and suggestions on possible pilot projects for the WWB-Africa MENTOR Fellows.
9:30-9:40am  Welcome and Introductions by Richard Ruggiero, USFWS
9:40-9:50am  WWB-Africa Initiative by Dirck Byler, USFWS
9:50-10:00am  Overview of Bushmeat Issues and Ways to Reduce Exploitation by Heather Eves, Bushmeat Crisis Task Force (BCTF)
10:00-10:10am  Bushmeat in Eastern Africa and Training Initiatives by Mweka College to Reduce Exploitation by Freddy Manongi, Mweka
10:10-10:30am  Plans for the MENTOR Fellowship Program by Nancy Gelman, ABCG
10:30-11:30am  Representatives from Organizations working on Bushmeat in Eastern Africa described their activities and projects:

11:30-12:30pm  Open Discussion and Questions & Answers

  • Priorities for action on bushmeat;
  • Suggestions for projects for the MENTOR Fellows;
  • Topics for the orientation program for the MENTOR Fellows at Mweka;
  • Recommendations for subjects to be covered in the Mweka Post-Graduate curriculum for the MENTOR Fellows;
  • Opportunities for participation;
  • Communication activities;
  • Next steps, etc...

For more information on the USFWS MENTOR Fellowship Program or to share information on bushmeat in eastern Africa, please see: www.mentorfellowshipprogram.org 

For more on the Bushmeat-free Eastern Africa Network (BEAN), please see: www.bushmeatnetwork.org

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